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March 09 2015


Lonia Shoe Retailer Announces 2015 Launch Serving Women With Size 10-14 Shoes

Big women shoes
As being a woman with large feet shouldn't mean you 'must' have trouble shoe shopping. That's the spirit motivating Lonia, a innovative new online shoe retailer who recently announced their 2015 launch.

Large women shoes
Big feet aren't a challenge anymore. Or no less than they won't be after Lonia, a fresh online shoe retailer focusing on women's shoes sized 10-14, launches in 2015. The energetic and innovative shoe store intentions of serving women with larger feet enthusiastically, providing glamorous and trendy choices, an array of options and ever helpful customer-centric service. This can be a definite break from tradition, where women with large shoe sizes had few choices and those that existed created a great deal to become desired.

�More plus more women recognize that many of us are beautiful, whether we're plus-sized, or maybe we have bigger feet,� commented a spokesperson from Lonia. �Our goal is always to bring an incredible collection of high quality shoes to our valued customers, shoes which will leave any woman turning their head to possess a second look. When it comes to Lonia, there's no more not your size, you can forget standing in line. We can't wait to determine the response this coming year, it's going to be fabulous.�

Lonia promises to not just offer their larger sized shoe selection to online shoppers, but additionally to interested boutiques. The company has set a 2015 launch date, that features a invitation only event scheduled in the Hamptons, NY. More details on the launch date and Hamptons party will be provided through the company's list which can be subscribed to on the Lonia website.

It's clear 2015 will bring an entire pair of new options and choices for ladies who wear larger sized shoes. In the words of Lonia, �Big feet need love too.� Lonia is placed to make sure they've got the chance to get every one of the love in the world.

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